Code man! Right now!

It feels so good when girls go gaga when you say your a Masters student. And then more drooling when you say you are from the computer engineering department. No, I am not making up this stuff. Apparently they think about us making the next big Facebook. Aaah. That explains doesn’t it? They ask me “So you’ll get rich pretty soon right?” I don’t have the heart to say otherwise. Basically, I do love all the attention. 😛

Anyways, I was wondering. Why not make it big? I can’t own a Ferrari if I end up working in some company. Its true. But not everyone ends up with a successful start up either. But ya, who cares? I mean, people, we should just go for it. I loved this video. Inspires to learn coding. I’m putting it up on my wall. Because guys, programming is important.

Code man! Right now!

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