Why is it a good idea to Graduate?

  • Fuel your already bloated ego.
  • You have lots of money, don’t know what to do with it.
  • Decide to travel exotic places in the name of education.
  • You came to know about the free food available at conferences and seminars.
  • Your parents happen to be overqualified.
  • Because your friend just graduated.
  • The illusion of a great career thereafter. ( $$$ )
  • The sudden realization that you are too young to work.
  • You decide to pursue that special area of interest you had since kindergarden.
  • The realization that your current discipline sucks and that you desperately need a change.
  • Someone told you that teaching positions open up at universities once you have your masters.
  • Oh oh, I thought I’d never come to this. You love research and decide to pursue a Ph.D
Why is it a good idea to Graduate?